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Wapionka Manor House bets on luxury and nature - "The World of Hotels", November 2004, No 11/2004
The new hotel on The Pojezierze Brodnickie
The owners of The Wapionka Manor House, the latest accommodation place on The Pojezierze Brodnickie, succeeded in the difficult task of putting together a stylish manor house and a modern guest location. It is very likely that pretty soon the complex will extend its offer for customers with catering and new guest rooms in an old mill house
The Manor House Wapionka, like many other buildings arising in this style recently and mostly in eastern and central Poland, is a result of pure coincidence.
- “The first time I came to Górzno was by chance looking for a good angling place” – says Henryk Bartoszewicz, the owner of the manor house and a passionate angler. – “I saw the local lakes, the autumn woods and I new I would like to be the owner of the place. When I was buying Wapionka real estate, I did not think of turning it into a hotel, I did not plan to raise a manor house. The very idea came long after that. I liked to spend time in Górzno, so I thought other people might like it as well”-he says.

Exclusive but no stars.
When Henryk Bartoszewicz became the owner of Wapionka real estate, there was nothing but a lake and the ruins of an old house in the place where today the manor house is located. The owner decided to adapt the ruined house into a stylish manor house, and built another building of a similar style in the neighbourhood.
- “Although I have been running my own business for years, hotel management was a new experience to me, I was acting more by guesswork than anything else” – remembers Henryk Bartoszewicz. – “When designing the complex of buildings, I wondered what I would have expected from a place like this. I wanted the guests to feel comfortable, to have lots of space around and to feel at ease, to be able to get food on site, and for that reason I decided to assign space for a kitchen. It was also extremely important for me that the guests could rest in nice surroundings not only outside, but also in their own rooms, that is why I have chosen luxury fittings compatible with the character of the buildings, yet still very modern”.

The design of the two buildings constituting The Wapionka Complex was made by a friend of the owner, architect Mirosław Szarszewski. His work was appreciated – The Manor House Wapionka has recently won the title of The Building of the Year 2003. The owner purposely preserved the old name of the place and resigned from categorisation. A few factors contributed to that decision. – “At first I did not plan catering on site, my apartments were much larger and much more comfortable than typical hotel rooms, their internal decoration was also very different hence it was difficult to fit into fixed and inflexible requirements imposed by legal regulations”. – enumerates the owner. – “I did not feel like using a hotel name either, as I felt it did not reflect the character of my manors and that is why I decided not to apply for any categorisation”.

Table service with a manor logo.
There are 10 suites of various sizes (from 20 to 75 square meters) and various numbers of rooms (from one to three) in the two buildings referring in their exterior decoration to old noblemen’s manors. Despite resignation from categorisation the rooms were fitted in such a way as to fulfil four star standards. Each apartment has its own kitchen corner, equipped with, apart from a refrigerator and an oven, a set of pots, cutlery and table service. – “Each kitchen corner is different, they are fitted with various styles of furniture, of different colour and size” – demonstrates the owner. – “What they have all in common is their solid real wood construction and high quality.”

The guests can admire the stylish oak cupboards or modern constructions of metal and glass, one of the kitchen corners is hidden in an enormous, closed cupboard, another one, in a rustic style, stands next to a beautiful tile stove. All the furniture furnished to the kitchen corners comes from the exclusive furniture store Bax – Pol in Cierpice near Toruń ( of which Henryk Bartoszewicz is an owner. – “Our store offers furniture from all over the world, so I did not have any problem with the selection of exclusive, but at the same time interesting furniture” – adds the owner. Furniture from Baxpol is also present in the lounges, parlours and bedrooms of the suites. Some bedroom suites are equipped with four-posters, in some others there are water beds, while in the parlours there are open fireplaces or tile stoves, comfortable leather armchairs and large oak tables. The owner cares for details – the guests can sleep in exclusive sheets, table service is branded with the manor logo, the bathrooms are fitted with hair dryers.

Angling and inn food
Although The Wapionka Manor House has been on the market for just a year, the owners do not complain about a lack of visitors. – “Those, who come here once, tend to come back, and they also recommend the place to others” – says Henryk Bartoszewicz. The place is not present on on-line reservation platforms yet. For the time being the guests come to Górzno attracted by a professionally designed website www.dworekwapionka.baxpol.plOpened during the day, reception accepts reservations. – “We do our best to offer our visitors much more than just accommodation”. – says the owner – “There is fish in the lakes located in the complex, our guests can grill a trout or a bream caught by themselves: – the master of the house presents fish to us. – “For the time being we do not offer catering yet, but we plan something like a local inn, available initially just exclusively to our hotel guests. At the moment we serve breakfast supplied by a neighbouring restaurant of The Ecological Education Centre “Wilga”/”The Golden Oriole”/. – “We have been cooperating with “Wilga” since the very beginning of operation of our manor: we direct customers to each other, I buy food there and sell fish that we breed” – says Henryk Bartoszewicz. – “Both I and the director of Wilga came to the conclusion that cooperation is much more profitable than competition”.

The owners of the manor also took care about providing attractions for their visitors – apart from angling (all necessary equipment to be rented on site) the guests can float on the lake in boats and canoes, grill food, take walks and rest on an island to which Mr Henryk Bartoszewicz build a linking bridge.
In winter, the guests can spend their time at oak tables in a large open fire place lounge serving a wide selection of wines. In spring the owners plan an extension of the accommodation range. – “We have a small dam with a sort of waterfall on the lake, formerly there was a mill there, so we plan to reconstruct it now”. – demonstrates the owner of the manor. The first guests shall be able to reside in the mill as early as next year.

Master with guts
Henryk Bartoszewicz has been in business for 25 years. He lives in Toruń. He used to produce willow furniture, now he runs the exclusive furniture store Bax – Pol in Cierpice near Toruń, in which he offers furniture produced almost all over the world. In Górzno he willingly takes a rest. Angling and travelling are his two great passions, he also likes good food. He is married, with two children – his son is now the managing director of The Wapionka Manor House, while his daughter studies at The Pomeranian Tourism and Hotel Management High School in Bydgoszcz.
Director with passion
The managing director of Wapionka complex is Mr Radosław Bartoszewicz, son of the owner. He is 27 years of age. By education he is a qualified manager, a graduate of The Management and Banking High School in Poznań. His job in The Wapionka Manor House is his debut in the hotel business, although he already has some experience in staff management gathered working in the furniture store Bax-Pol. Presently, he has been particularly busy with promotion of the place – due to his efforts The Manor is offered at most tourist fairs, on the internet and he offers to visitors professionally designed leaflets. Radosław Bartoszewicz is married, his two hobbies are computers and travelling.

Aneta Marczak
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